SME Loan Singapore

SME Loan Singapore

How do I apply for an SME loan?

Singapore businesses can apply for SME loans from a variety of banks, financial institutions or SME loan lenders. There are over 20 SME loan financiers and a myriad of financing products to choose from.

Why is SME financing important?

What is the SME loan interest rate?

The SME loan interest rate is between 6.76% to 8.51% per annum effective interest rate. Different banks have different rates. These SME loan interest rates are always subjected to the respective bank’s discretion.

What government-assisted financing schemes and loans can SME in Singapore apply for?

SME in Singapore can apply for the SME Micro Loan or SME Working Capital Loan through several participating financial companies.

What are the sources of SME financing?

What are SME loans?

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