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Auto Financing

a) Car Flooring Loan

An auto financing plan enables you to use a revolving credit facility to finance an existing stock of new/used vehicles. This allows you to free up cash flow by not tying up large amounts of assets in showroom stock.

For example, a dealer may want to buy 100 models of a new car but needs additional capital. Through auto financing, he can draw down the credit facility to finance the cars and proceed with repayment as they are sold off.

Benefits of this loan:

  • This cover short-term business expenses
  • This cover recurring financial expenses
  • Swift access to funds

Auto Financing

b) In-house Loan

Buying a car in Singapore can be difficult without proper financing.

In-house auto loans offered by FR Capital help car buyers finance a car quickly, regardless of their credit status. Even if your loan applications have been rejected from a bank or financial institution, getting the vehicle of your dreams is now easier, faster, and more affordable with FR Capital.

Benefits of this loan:

  • Fast approval
  • Improve the stock of vehicles for business operation
  • Immediate access to a car for personal use

Business Line of Credit

Many companies have a credit line to manage unexpected expenditures and fund growth opportunities. It can be thought of as a credit card for your company. Interest is charged only on the amount drawn, & the credit limit moves back up once the amount drawn is repaid.

It is essential to consider a business line of credit, even if your finances are healthy. With a credit line, you can draw funds as needed, up to a limit over a short period. This allows swift access to capital for any reason and has greater control & flexibility over the use of these funds.

Business Line of Credit can also serve as Merchant Credit Line, which merchants can use to pay for goods from suppliers.

Credit lines are an excellent way for a company to increase its capital and take advantage of sudden business opportunities.

Benefits of this loan:

  • Cover short-term business expenses
  • Cover recurring financial expenses
  • Quick access to funds

Payroll Loan

Payroll loans are short-term loans that assist in covering your staffing fees. They can assist you in diverting your capital into other ventures, such as growing your company.

A payroll loan can also be an excellent way to tide your business through jumps in employee salaries, examples of which include year-end or loyalty bonuses.

They can use them to subsidize immediate financial requirements, such as when you’ve contracted extra workers for a big event.

Benefits of this loan:

  • Shift to a larger retail space
  • You can hire more staff
  • Financial ability to create new products

Working Capital Loan

A working capital loan is a loan used by a business to finance its daily operations, such as payrolls, rent, and inventory.

Working capital loans are usually taken when a business requires cash/asset liquidity to cover daily operational expenses to put more money into expansion.

They are usually used by businesses with high seasonality or cyclical sales, such as retailers, to tide them through periods of reduced business activities.

One of the advantages of a working capital loan is that it does not need an equity transaction. Hence, a company owner still maintains complete control of their company. It’s also a good way for company owners to cover any gaps in working capital expenditures.

Benefits of this loan:

  • Cover short-term business expenses
  • Finance daily operations
  • Suitable for businesses with high seasonality/cyclical sales

Expansion Financing

Expansion financing comes in handy when your company sees a chance to develop and grow. They can use it for internal growth by launching new goods or the acquisition of smaller businesses.

It is also helpful for taking advantage of opportunities that may lead to compounded growth, despite not having the available funds at the time.

Businesses typically use increase financing to fund growth projects while still maintaining enough capital to handle day-to-day company operations.

Benefits of this loan:

  • Shift to a larger retail space
  • You can hire more staff
  • Financial ability to create new products

FR Capital Singapore helps you run your daily operations smoothly.

Need financial advice with your current business day-to-day? From paying staff & vendors to investing in new ventures, we are here to help you with the funding that your business needs. Sixty minutes is all you need to get approval from us. The interest rate that we offer is as low as 12% p.a. as we believe in helping hand to keep the Singapore economy striving.

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We pride to have a business loan offer for every industry in Singapore. But in case we have missed out on a loan offer, feel free to email us for any personalized request, and we will get back to you.


Like all companies, it is crucial to constantly keep abreast of the current trends in your industry and be privy to what your customers are looking for. While most people are unaware of the significance of upholstery, using the proper channels & conducting your research can help develop your upholstery business. Suppose you are an upholstery business owner and are looking further to educate the public on the importance of upholstery. In that case, you might be thinking of increasing your reach through various marketing avenues. We can help you with just that! Please find out more about our Upholstery / Furniture Cleaning Services Business Loan.


Fun fact: Did you know that fishes are the 2nd most popular kind of pets in Singapore, just after dogs? Numerous people find joy in rearing fishes as they are almost easy to cater to, don’t take up much space, and are usually more affordable than other pets. This is why fish shops/aquarium stores like yours are still relevant. However, COVID-19 has dealt a massive blow to many businesses in Singapore. Fish shop/aquarium might have heavily impacted your fish shop/aquarium businesses. If you are looking at funding alternatives, why not try Us? We always practice putting your needs before ours. From low-interest loans to longer loan tenures, here’s how we can assist you with our Fish Shop / Aquarium Business Loan.


It is without a doubt that We Singaporean loves seafood. From restaurants to hawker centers, seafood is apparent. If you currently own a seafood supplier/wholesaler company & are thinking of bringing it to greater heights, Our Seafood Supplier / Wholesaler Business Loan is just what you need. Our low & affordable interest rates coupled with a simple application process make it so much simpler for you to better your business! You can use our loan to cater for the increase in overhead costs, marketing/advertising costs, licenses & permits, transportation fees, and so much more!


Home-based bakery businesses have seen an improvement in sales ever since the start of the circuit breaker period. On social media, especially Instagram (IG), you might have seen either friend promoting home-based bakery businesses or ads appearing on your stories. This might be attributed to the fact that most of us are cooped-up at home and don’t go out as much. If you currently already own a home-based bakery business & are looking to bring it to greater heights, We can help you with our very own Online / Homebased Bakery Business Loan. Whether it is to buy better kitchen equipment or invest in marketing & advertising cost, our quick & affordable loan can help.


While many of us frequently talk about recycling waste such as plastic, paper & glass, Electronic Waste (E-Waste) is often ignored. Computers, laptops, TVs are all recognized E-waste. Each year, Singapore generates about 60,000 tonnes of Electronic Waste (E-Waste) in a year. This is why E-Waste Recycling / Reprocessing businesses like yours are essential. However, like all businesses, whether your companies just started or are already longstanding businesses in the industry, there may be times when your company requires extra financial aid for things such as advertising, equipment financing, and invoice financing. Please find out how Our E-Waste Recycling / Reprocessing Business Loan can assist take your business to greater heights!


As with all households, office spaces, and shopping malls, plumbing/sanitary works are essential. Emergencies such as a leaking pipe & clogged toilet bowl all require urgent attention. Therefore, plumbing / sanitary works businesses are important businesses. However, like all companies, there may be times when you run into cash flow problems. Things such as invoice financing, equipment financing, and purchase order financing are just some of the funding businesses need to thrive. Please get in touch with us & find out how our Plumbing / Sanitary Works Business Loan can improve your business today!


Escalators can be found everywhere – in shopping malls, schools, office buildings, and more. But, not many people realize the hard work behind escalator installation, repairs, and maintenance. Escalator safety & risk assessment are of most importance. Running an escalator contractor/repair company in Singapore requires a stable source of funding & opportunities. If your business needs financial assistance for employee payroll, office and vehicle rental, equipment supply, Our Contractors / Repairs Business Loan can help.


With how competitive Education is in Singapore, most parents see the importance of sending their children to extracurricular activities out of class. These include taekwondo lessons that can help improve stamina, confidence, concentration, and flexibility. However, like all businesses, some taekwondo schools/institutes might need additional financial aid for things such as rent, marketing, or enhanced equipment & gear. Here’s how a Taekwondo School / Institute Business Loan can help.


Singaporean parents always loved sending their children to enrichment classes to pick up new hobbies outside of the usual school curriculum. In recent years, speech & drama lessons have become more popular as it encourages children & even adults gain confidence, present themselves better & be more expressive. Also, it helps kids take a break from their busy school term! If you consider setting up your own speech/drama studio or venture into this industry, We Speech / Drama Studio Business Loan has got you covered!


Think about the last time you found a pest at home. It presumably wouldn’t be too long ago. Given Singapore’s weather, pest problems are aplenty in our homes. Cockroaches, termites, rodents, and bed bugs, to name a few. This is when people will engage the pest control/extermination business services, mainly when they breed and get out of hand. If you’re considering expanding or improving your pest control/extermination business, We got you covered! Our low-interest and flexible Pest Control / Extermination business loan might be what you need!


Most homeowners living in private properties will take pride in their gardens. However, when their garden is too huge or does not have enough time, engaging a home landscaping/gardening professional services can be viable. With many home landscaping/gardening businesses in the market, it pays to conduct proper market research & always seek to improve your business. A Home Landscaping / Gardening business loan might be what you need to bring your business to higher heights!


Incorporating AI into your company can significantly better your business capabilities. It can help accomplish activities and tasks with greater precision & at a fraction of the time required by humans. As a business owner, this would save you a lot more time and costs in the long run. Find out more about Our Virtual Assistant / AI Business Loans and how it can assist you in successfully integrate VA / AI into your business.


As a food haven, Singapore takes pride in its varied mix of food, featuring dishes from all across the globe. From the humble and straightforward hawker fare to exquisite & invigorating restaurant dishes. There’s no absence of food in Singapore that you can’t find elsewhere. Therefore, it remains increasingly vital that your restaurant/eatery business remains at the top of its game. Here’s how Our Restaurant / Eatery Business Loans can provide you with the edge.


While most Singaporean parents send their kids for tuition classes, going to enrichment classes such as ballet lessons can be a great way to unwind & discover their hidden potential. These classes help kids take a break from their hectic school schedule and, in the process, pick up a new hobby. If you’re considering venturing into your own ballet academy/studio business, We Ballet Academy / Studio Business Loans can be of great financial help.


With the burgeoning of local fashion brands in today’s market, it is essential to ensure that your fashion business remains appropriate. The more successful blogshops are also starting to open their retail stores. Hence, competition is high. You’ll need to have an extra resource at hand to take your fashion business to the next level. Here’s how a Fashion / Clothing Retail Business Loan can help.


With most shopping these days are done online, clothes & groceries to name a few, courier services have also been on the rise. These days, it is essential to improve and upgrade your business in the competition constantly. If you’re considering enhancing your Courier / Parcel Delivery business, you’ll be glad to know that We offer Courier / Parcel Delivery Business Loans to assist you better your business.


Ever heard of Tinder, OK Cupid, Coffee Meets Bagel, or Paktor? With technology & social media, millennials & young adults are using online dating apps & sites to find their other half. Even if they are not ready to settle down, they will be searching for friends. With increasing opportunities & potential, more business owners are joining the dating app/site market. Here’s what you can do to improve competitiveness & efficiency.


Having your company have an online footprint in websites, and social media accounts is essential in today’s digital era. This is why advertising, marketing & social media companies, and agencies are in demand. If you are thinking of building your team of professional marketers but need additional funds to do so, here’s how a Marketing Services / Social Media Company Business Loan can be a suitable source of financial help.


When in doubt, ask Google. In today’s world, largely driven by the Internet, it pays to have your business display on Google. This is why UI / UX Website Design Businesses show to be a lucrative venture. Having a good UI / UX design will vastly improve your client’s user experience & satisfaction. If you are considering setting up your own UI / UX website design business, here’s how a UI / UX Website Design Business Loan can be of excellent financial help to help kickstart your business!


Baby showers, birthdays, conferences, and workshops are just some of the events that we would have presumably attended before. If you’re thinking of starting your own event/project planning business, good on you! Before you do so, you’ll have to consider a range of things such as workforce, the risk involved, and your finances. If you require help with getting funds to set up your event planning company, here’s ho wOur can help you with our Event / Project Planning Business Loan.


Most Singaporeans consume long hours in the office and do not have time to do chores, house cleaning, or tidy up their homes. Even if they have spare time, they would usually spend it with their families or on resting. This produces a market for house cleaning or home cleaning services in Singapore. It is essential to differentiate your service and offer your unique selling point. Are you looking to bring your housecleaning service business to the next level? Find out more!


As parents, we all want the best for our children. This inculdes sending them to enrichment centres so that they can receive an all rounded education. Here at SBL Singapore, we are determined and committed to help aspiring business owners set up their very own phonics class / enrichment centre. Find out how SBL Singapore can help you with the necessary business funding.


Singapore has one of the most competing business environments globally and is also the best travel destination for travelers worldwide. This brings millions of tourists to Singapore yearly, generating a huge tourism market. If you own a resort or a hotel in Singapore, it is essential to differentiate yourself from competitors. Thinking of upgrading, developing, or need a financial help? Click here to find out more about how Our business loan can help you!


We all know the number of joy pets gives us. It could be that fluffy ginger cat, that warm golden retriever, or that optimistic cockatiel. But, we can’t always carry our pets with us on holidays. This produces a market for pet hotels & pet boarding centers. With the growing demand, more pet hotels are starting to open in Singapore. Do you own one of these? Find out how We can help you reach your business goals here!


There are always possibilities in the Human Resources’ Job / Recruitment business. Graduates or professionals might be looking for a new job, and employers might be looking to hire at any point in time. Many resources are needed to run a Job / Recruitment Agency at its top form not to miss any opportunity. Find out how We can assist you in bringing your career & business to greater heights.


Neighborhood cafés/bakeries always have a special place in our hearts. They’re usually less crowded and have a more homely feel than those in the hustle & bustle of town. If you’re thinking of starting up a neighborhood cafés / bakery or are looking to expand your current business, here’s how a Neighborhood Café / Bakery Business Loan can assist take your business to higher heights.


Annual servicing of your air conditioner ensures that it operates at maximum efficiency. If your air conditioner has broken down, it’s essential to see that the problem gets fixed quickly. Perhaps you currently own an air conditioning service/repair business & are thinking of taking it to higher heights. Find out how an air conditioning service/repair business loan can help.


Whether in schools, at events, or the workplace, there is always a need for t-shirts or printed clothes. These shirts are a good representation of a group or event. If you own a company in this industry, click here to find out how We can help develop your business.


Singapore’s makeup/beauty industry is expected to see a steady increase over the next few years. Whether you consider expanding or growing your makeup/beauty products business to higher heights, find out how a makeup/beauty products business loan can assist. Our all-encompassing business loans will allow you to cater to all your business expansion purposes.


Hardware / DIY stores that you see in your neighborhood are a vital necessity but often overlooked. The home improvement products often proved to be handy whenever you run into issues with your home. If you currently own a hardware/DIY store and consider renovating or refurbishing your store, find out how We can help.


Having an extra furball to keep you company is always friendly and comforting. If you not only love animals but maintain an entrepreneurial spirit, you might be looking to own a pet shop/pet store. Whether it is to set up a new pet store or expand your current business, find out how We can help.


Dancing is not only an excellent way to express yourself but also a great activity to do during your spare time. These days, parents realize the importance of sending their kids for extra classes to provide them with an all-rounded education. If you consider setting up your own dance academy/dance studio, We can support you take the first step.


Interior designers & architects are essential to beautiful homes. They play a massive role in building the best & most comfortable place to live, relax and work. No matter if homeowners are obtaining a brand new home renovation or a home makeover, they need interior designers & architects. If you own a company in this industry, click here to find out how We can help better your business.


Music is the universal language of humanity. Whether you play an instrument, sing, or listen to music, it is always lovely & enjoyable wherever you are. Music & Education are developing and lucrative sectors in Singapore. If you are a music instructor or own a music school, find out how We can assist you in making your career & business to higher heights.


Ask any Singaporean what Singapore is most famous for, and you will probably get “food” as an answer. As Singaporeans, we all take pride in & love our affordable local hawker fare. We can provide you with the necessary funding & business expertise required to set up your very own hawker/food stall business.


For most of us, weddings are once-in-a-lifetime moments that we hold close to our hearts. In Singapore, the two (2) main types of wedding / bridal boutiques consist of one-stop wedding boutiques & designer bridal boutiques. If you’re considering setting up or growing your very own wedding / bridal boutique, We are here to help.


With an increasing need for IT support, desktop services, outsourcing, and data security, promising prospects in the IT industry & profits are expected to be made. As a company owner of an Information Technology (IT) Solutions or technology engineering company, you might need to make use of Our Information Technology (IT) Company Business Loan to leverage this market opportunity and increase your firm.


The convenience that comes with a car is broadly unparalleled. But, when your car breaks down, some of you might turn to car workshops/mechanics to get it repaired. Suppose you’re considering setting up your car workshop or need funding for any significant improvements to your car workshop. In that case, We can provide you with the timely and reliable financial help you require.


Minimarts & provision shops are essentials in our daily lives. It’s a place where we go for better prices, more variety, and convenience. No matter where we go, there are minimarts & provision shops. With the industry growing, more profits are expected to be made in this industry. Find out more about running a minimart/provision shop & how We can help better your business here.


There are many meaningful moments in our lives that we wish to take pictures of graduations, birthday celebrations, weddings. The list goes on and on. Suppose you’re a freelance photographer & are looking to make your mark by establishing your own photography studio. In that case, We are here to help you should you need additional funding or any business expertise.


Other than at famous streets like Haji Lane & Tanjong Pagar, one can see many bakeries & cafés growing all around Singapore. Pancake cafés, coffee cafés, bakery bistros, cake cafés, ice cream cafés, the variety is wide. With foodies and bloggers promoting cafés, more profits are expected to be made in this industry. Please find out how We can help better your business here.


Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, or days when you wish to show your appreciation for someone are just some of the reasons people patronize the florist. There has been a burgeoning of flower/florist boutiques & gift shops in Singapore. Please find out how a business loan from Us can help turn your dreams into reality.


The arts scene in Singapore has been reaching up as Singaporeans become more hands-on and are more prepared to experiment with new things. If you’re considering bringing your love for art such as painting, pottery, and glass blowing to higher heights, We are here to help you.


Blockbuster movies that you see on the big screen, or even the YouTube videos that you watch to pass the day, just how much time & effort goes behind creating such videos? If you're considering bringing your passion for videography or photography to higher heights, We are here to help.


Yoga & fitness studios have frequently become common in Singapore, with each specializing in various forms of training. If you're looking at setting up a yoga/fitness/gym studio or are keen on growing your current yoga/fitness/gym studio to add more training courses, look no further!


Step into any shopping mall these days, and you'll realize that beauty salons offering hair & nail services have grown almost ubiquitous. We understand the pressure & costs needed to stand out & remain competitive in such a saturated industry, which is why we are here to assist.


Are you thinking of setting up a childcare center but are uncertain of where to begin? Setting up a business needs lots of planning and the required resources and funding for it to take flight. But don't let this deter you from making your dreams into reality.


We all know that Singaporean parents spend a tremendous amount of money on Education annually, making the education industry notably lucrative. Have you been planning to enhance and develop your tuition center but lack the funds to do so? Stop worrying.


Operating a business in Singapore is no easy feat. With low-interest rates & flexible repayment terms, We will ensure that you still have the required capital to continue being competitive and grow your company.


Have you been thinking of expanding your pet grooming & boarding shop to care for even more animals but is hindered by the expensive cost? Fret not! We have been helping businesses thrive by providing them with the needed funds to reach their goals.


Are you thinking of expanding your catering & event planning empire? Great news! We have an exemplary track record in helping such businesses develop by providing them with the required funding.


With a quick cash business loan, you pay an inexpensive & reasonable interest rate on regular monthly settlements, leaving you the capital to remain competitive & expand your company.


Whether it's a delicious brand-new food concept or an old family recipe, growing a food-related business or beverage-based company takes economic & also individual sources.

Do You Have Cash Flow Issues?
FR Capital Loan Singapore Is Here To Assist You Tide Through.

All companies struggle once in a while with cash flow challenges, especially for younger SME businesses, before they finally stabilize. Managing outflows and inflows is made more accessible by proper accounting as well as forecasting. From time to time, though, you may find that you need additional capital. We are a great partner during such times. We can reach you the cash required to get through those times when money is tight.

Get Your Business Loan Now.

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Do you want your company's bank loan? Well, before you give it, the bank will enjoy it a lot.

Are you intimidated? Me too. Me too. My first commercial bank loan for my company to fund claims over S$1 million, not less than that from renowned dealers, made me very disappointed, and finally, we had to sign a loan in our family home to receive the loan.

We said, "Wait, we are a company, why are personal guarantees needed?"

They said, "We don't either, if you don't believe in your business."

Wait, they're good debt. You checked those distributors' credit ratings; why are they not sufficient?" we said.

"If you don't believe... (see above)," they said. And then, in the old cynical joke, I realized the truth that bankers are only going to lend you money if you don't need it.

An overly optimistic entrepreneur who looks for funding first discovers that banks do not fund business plans. It would be against banking law in their defense if they did. Banks deal with the money of depositors. Would you like your bank to put your balance in a startup checking account? I'm not going to. Nor would the regulators of U.S. banking.

So this is what a bank should expect when you apply for a business loan. There will, of course, be sometimes exceptions to any rule, but here is the general rule:


Banks lend money to startups, as I explained above. A derogation from the rule is FR Capital is provided with programs guaranteeing new businesses a certain amount of start-up costs for banks to give the government money, thereby reducing banks' risk.

So your company must have hard assets to back up a company loan. Banks sift through these assets to ensure they minimize the risk. When you commit to accounts receivable for a commercial loan, the bank checks out the major accounts receivable to make sure they are solvent. They only accept 50 to 75% of the receivables for a loan, often 75%.

The bank accepts only 1% of the inventory when you get a stock loan and will start with many tires to ensure that the merchandise is not older and outdated.

The need for collateral also involves the pledge of personal assets for the most miniature business holders, generally domestic equity, to obtain business credit.

Business plan

There are exceptions, though a business plan document is required in most commercial loan applications. It may be short, maybe even a lean business plan, nowadays, but banks still want that standard summary of the enterprise, product, market, team, and finance.

All of your business’s financial details

All current and past loans and debts, banking accounts, investment accounts, and credit card accounts, including tax ID numbers, addresses, and complete contact information, are included in this report.

Complete details on Accounts Receivable

This includes information on aging, account by account (for checking your credit), and sales and payment history.

(Then count your blessings if you don't know what your receivables are. You would see if you had any. Or to find out from our guide.)

Complete details on Accounts Payable

This includes most of the same information as for receivables and also credit references, which you can obtain for your payment behavior by selling your business on your account. If you need to know more about Payable Accounts, read our guide to clarify things.

Complete financial statements preferably audited or reviewed

The balance sheet must list all your assets, liabilities, and capital, and the most crucial balance sheet is the latest. Your statement on profit and loss should generally be at least three years old, but there can be exceptions sometimes if you have not had a good history, but good credits and assets are available to you as collateral. You'll also have to provide you with up to three years of history of profit and loss.

About the audited statement, you pay a few thousand dollars for "audited statements," so you have a CPA that will take it over and accept legal liabilities for its accuracy. CPAs use bad audits. The bigger your business is, the more likely the audited statements for ownership and reporting are in the normal business process.

It is much cheaper to have statements reviewed, more like thousands of dollars, because if you have got it wrong, the CPAs that review your declarations have far less responsibility. Banks will not always need audited or even revised statements because they always need collateral, endangered assets and are therefore concerned with the value of assets that they pledge.

All of your personal financial details

This includes social security numbers, net worth, asset, and liability information, including your house, cars, investment accounts, credit card accounts, automotive loans, mortgages, and everything else.

The bank will want financial statements from all owners with significant shares for businesses with multiple owners or partnerships.

And yes, that leads to a personal guarantee, as I implied in the introduction to this article. I would like a personal pledge to be signed during the loan process.

Insurance information

Since all this involves risk reduction, banks are often asked for insurance against one or more of the founder's deaths from new businesses that depend on the key founders. And the print can direct the death payment first to the bank, and you can pay off the loan.

Copies of past returns

I believe this avoids several sets of books—these I think will be, by the way, fraud—but banks want to see returns for corporate tax.

Agreement on future ratios

In particular, the company agrees to maintain certain critical loans within certain defined limits—speed ratios, current ratios, debt-to-equity, for instance. You are technically defaulting on the loan when your finances fell below these specific levels.

If you're searching for a COVID loan, please refer to our Coronavirus Business Lending Guide if you are interested in a COVID relief loan.

Many business owners have asked themselves at one point or another: how can I obtain a small business loan?

It can be intimidating to receive a business loan. Even if you have reduced a lender, you may be confused about where to go from, particularly when you're looking for funding for the first time. Fortunately, here we are to assist. It is as simple as this six-stage to figure out how to get a business loan:

Determine why you need a business loan.

First, when you are trying to get a business loan, you must (and every lender will ask you) ask yourself: Why?

Some small business owners need work capital to cover various things, and others, like a particular piece of equipment, have specific needs. Your choice of lender and type of credit is driven by the reason you need money, so you will take time to figure out why you need capital.

That said, you also want to recall that the gap between the loans can sometimes blur somewhat. For example, you may need capital to buy start-up equipment or refinance existing debts, but you also want to borrow additional funds for working capital. For several reasons, many lenders work with borrowers who need business credits.

There are some common reasons why you would like to receive a small loan from a company:

Calculate how much debt you can afford.

The next step to get a small business loan is how much debt you can afford once you know why you need financing.

Unfortunately, you may not necessarily have the same amount of capital you want to fulfill your business goals as you can afford.

That said, if you get too much debt funding, you can be caught in a pile of debt that's hard to get rid of — you can't help but hurt your business. On the other hand, you may end up missing opportunities if you take on too little debt, of course.

Therefore, to ensure that you can take a business loan, you will want the following:

Next, you can check your DSCR, which is a number used by small business lenders to see if you can afford to pay the loan back or not.

You can take your monthly average net revenues and split them into your monthly loan payment to calculate your DSCR.

Ideally, you get a number above one, meaning that you have a sufficient amount of cash to cover your payment for your credit. You either need to find a way of raising the income of your business or reducing your monthly fee if your DSCR is less than one (i.e., by requesting a smaller loan or qualifying for a better interest rate).

Determine your eligibility for a business loan.

One major step in obtaining a company loan is to know what kind of financing is realistic.

In other words, you want to examine your eligibility and determine what funding options you are expected to qualify for before you start the broad search.

So what do business leaders typically consider the qualifications? Three of the essential requirements for corporate loans are:

Browse different types of business loans and lenders.

Your next step is to determine what credit to apply to obtain a small company loan. A decade ago, the only place you could go to was the local bank if you had a small business and had to have a loan.

Therefore, it would help if you decided which company loan type meets your financing needs (and ensure that you can qualify) then find the appropriate lenders to apply to. Ultimately, to find the best deal for your business, you'll want to compare various options of the same type — considering factors like interest rate, terms, amounts, fees, etc.

You will find an overview in the following chart before we break down the various types of credits you can consider in detail:

Gather your loan application documents.

Here the document collection for your application is the next step of learning how to receive a company loan once you have examined all your options and determine the type of finance (and potential lenders) best for your business.

In general, the specific documentation required and the process to be followed are unique to the creditor you work with—almost all types of loans and small business lenders require some similar information.

The more you generally submit documents, the more difficult it is to qualify for the loan. You should also notice it. Banks require the most significant amount of documents because they are closely vetting and only approving the most skilled ones — however, they are the cheapest on the market.

Online lenders need less documentation, on the other hand. They introduced different technology and usually relied on fewer pieces of information to base their approval decisions.

In this respect, the best thing you can do is, as a computer file, to organize every document in one location. You will complete the application process and receive your debt as soon as possible if the lenders request more documentation.

Again, while the list of requirements by a lender varies significantly, you will usually need to provide a list of information:

Complete your loan application.

In the last step, the request process is concluded to get a small business loan.

We recommend that you don't apply for more than one or two credits at a time, as it is probable that each lender will take a hard look at your credit history, damaging your credit.

You can also use a market such as Fundera, where you have only one application to combine your options.

After you apply for your company loan, the lender will let you know whether you have qualified (both online and on paper, depending on the loan holder). Then, you enter your loan, which will then be reviewed by the lender and all your documents verified.

If you pass underwriting, the lender will provide you with the loan agreement. Before signing the contract, you should make sure you understand the loan terms—including any fees that will impact your APR.

Fees might include:

  • An application fee.
  • Origination fee.
  • Guarantee fee (for FR Capital loans).
  • Credit report fee.
  • Prepayment fee (for if you repay the loan early).
  • Late payment fee.

You should make sure that the lender has answered all your questions regarding cost and loan structure—you might even consult with a business attorney or accountant to review the agreement before closing on the loan.

A personal loan can be helpful if you need more money for a significant expense than you saved in the bank. Personal loans are payment loans typically uninsured, which can serve many different purposes, from the consolidation of high-interest debt to the payment of home repairs or an expensive medical procedure.

Individual loans can be lower than credit cards and provide flexibility for using funds following your requirements. But if your credit is not in giant form, it can be challenging for a personal loan, especially a lower interest rate loan, to be approved. You can get a snapshot, which can help you make financial decisions of what you can claim for a personal loan. The best thing is that the prequalification process will not harm your credit results.

The lender essentially prescribes before you complete an application when you go through prequalifying a personal loan. The process will let you know if you are likely to be accepted, and the terms and conditions will likely be met if you apply in full.

You provide some basic information to a creditor when you commence the personal prequalification process, such as how much you want to borrow, what income you earn, and how much debt you bear (though the requirements will vary from lender to lender).

The lender then checks your loan to see your lending, looks at factors like your repayment background and outstanding debts to evaluate your loan risk. You conduct this loan check as a soft query that does not negatively affect your loan.

Once you are successfully prequalified, your lender will give you the loan details you qualify for. You may accept and complete a complete application if you like the loan, time, and interest rate you receive.

But be aware that you will not be approved by getting prequalified; further documents and information that could affect the lender's decision or offer still need to be applied and provided. The lender will most likely also carry out a complete credit check upon application, which will make a hard inquiry into your credit statement.

When it comes to credit cards and loans, you'll likely hear both of these sentences. According to Experian, some lenders use the terms interchangeably, while others assign different significances to each. In the end, both indicate a process in which the lender provides you with the conditional acceptance of a financial product before completing a review of your finances and your credit report.

Prequalification can generally be less strict and require less up-to-date information than pre-approval. Sometimes if you get a pre-approval offer by mail, for example, with a credit card, it means that you have been checked out and special terms are offered (though it may be a range).

In both cases, if you want to continue the loan, you must still complete an application, and the lender will execute a complete credit check. Similar to prequalification, pre-approval does not guarantee that you will indeed be approved once the lender reviews your entire application.

If you submit your application to prequalify a loan, you will find out if or under what terms you are likely to be approved without hurting your credit. This has no adverse effect on you if you are turned down or prequalified but do not feel happy with the conditions offered. It also means that multiple lenders do not harm you in comparing your options and finding the best deal.

You also have time to review the estimate and ensure that you really can afford the monthly payment by getting prequalified for a personal loan. Personal loans have fixed interest rates usually so that each month your payment would be the same. This can help, but you need to make the mathematics and make sure that monthly payments match your budget before committing. Some lenders offer different options, with other conditions which change the monthly payment. You can take the time to find out how your wallet works best.

Please remember that your loan score plays a vital role in prequalifying your loan and eventually obtaining approval. It also affects the terms of your loan, in particular your rate of interest. You could stop spending some time improving your credit before you take the loan if you are disappointed with the interest rates you received in a prequalification procedure and don't rush to get your loan. After you increase your loan score and you might receive better loan offers, you can continue the prequalification process again later.

There are several ways to prequalify yourself online for a personal loan. You may visit a lender's website, be it a traditional bank or a lender online, directly and proceed quickly through the process of prequalification. You can also see a website that adds credit options, provides essential information, and can be prequalified by different lenders at once. This simplifies the shopping comparison process a bit.

Look for terms such as "check your rate" or "check your credit options." You can also search for rhetoric that does not change your credit, showing that it's only a prequalification. Keep in mind that a quick screening and an initial quote are the prerequisites. When you see a language such as "apply now," it is directed towards those prepared to apply for a total loan (which does impact your credit).

Are you a company owner? Do you have a small business in Singapore? Or maybe you want to start your startup at last?

When it comes to running a business, there are many challenges. Companies that have long been around could think about growth and expansion. On the other hand, new startups could still address the early challenges of working capital.

You always want to check out your list with sufficient money, start a business or have your company registered.

In the article, we will discuss some simple ways to receive funding to bring it to the next level!

Government Grants and Programmed 

Singapore is known as a hotbed of companies and beginners, with over half of the economy made up of small and medium-sized enterprises. It's not easy to run an SME in Singapore with the tough competition. So how do these small and medium-sized businesses deal with them? Well, most of them are looking for assistance through government grants, funds, and programs.

Enterprise Singapore

Singapore is one of the leading small and medium-sized businesses to receive funds and subsidies. Their ACE grant offers businesses and innovations for the first time.

These funds help your business grow and improve in different aspects like branding, marketing, finance management, human capital development, and more.

Startup SG Founder

The startup's subsidies are also an area in which you can seek sponsorships. With a variety of programs, this initiative can assist your business in many ways.

Its portal programs, such as StartupSG Equity, StartupSG Tech, and StartupSG Tech, fund the market.

National Research Foundation (NRF)

The NRF's Early Stage Venture Fund (ESVF) is explicitly designed to enable tech companies to consider and invest from risk capital companies.

These grants give startups a leg to start their operations and provide them with a boost.

Spring Singapore and RISE SG VentureForGood Grant are other institutions and organizations you can look for funding.


Crowdfunding is another way to get more money for your business.

You can first market your ideas and innovations before launching your product. Many customers can be incorporated early by clear branding and marketing of their original products and services.

The support for startups in Singapore was given by popular crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. With the advice of a wide range of interested audiences, you can pool funds for your startup and implement your idea.

You can get a rather large sum of the cumulative amount from each individual. Crowdfunding could be a better way for you to get your business off the ground, depending on your product.

The best thing about crowdfunding is that before you start your business, you can get a follow-up.

Making your product an engaging audience excited allows you to create excitement and achieve high sales when you launch — an excellent way to ensure success from the very beginning.

Friends and Family

You may first pitch your friends and family if you don't have confidence in raising for entrepreneurs or your target audience.

Giving your new business idea or change to your loved ones is an excellent place to start, especially if you support it. They don't just invest in your business if you pitch at them. They invest in you, instead.

Support from your immediate circle can help you gain trust in your firm and quickly get it off the ground.

Although, you and your loved ones are at significant risk. You should conduct proper formal analysis before you get your family and friends to fund your business. You are responsible for ensuring that you have a high-level business plan and early planning milestones.

Make sure you explain your business idea carefully and do not take support for your loved ones as a matter of course. In addition, it is essential that possible risks that support your business be clarified and emphasized.

Self-funding or Bootstrapping

You might use your financial resources as one of the most direct ways of funding your company.

Savings or personal credit card funds can help get your business started in its early stages. The good thing about self-financing is that you are better able to use your corporate funds.

It also means that you do not risk financial losses for others.

That would mean, however, that you alone will take all financial risks. You have to be even more careful about your decisions without anybody being responsible for them.

In addition, it can take a lot longer to build your funds. Generally speaking, it is essential to start with a business idea and a good time. It may not be the best choice to stop you from leading a new trend if you make your own money.

Angel Investment

Angel investors are wealthy persons or groups who pool their resources and research to provide your business with capital.

In most cases, companies must dilute their company's equity in exchange for support for angel investment.

Usually, companies have access to a significant pool of funds with these investors on board. The funds could run from S$50,000 to S$500,000.

You can start products and services easier with capital access and concentrate on building your company.

The challenging aspect of getting angel investors' funds is the need to meet their preferences. Specific things Angel investors look for in deciding whether or not to invest in an enterprise. And as they get a share of your business, you must ensure that your business objectives are aligned and included in the decision-making process.

This could be a boon to your company's growth, depending on your work style and the type of business you run.

Personal debt has recently become an essential component in business because it can help build your credit as a significant source of instant capital. Personal debt payments may begin to add up, however, like any other type of loan.

It can start becoming incredible if credit card payments are added. Some company owners wonder, "How can I pay for my credit card?" Some people could even consider a commercial loan only to pay off debts by credit card. However, is this a good idea?

Naturally, that's it! It is called debt refinancing and is a widespread application for commercial loans.

We will discuss this debt repayment method in this article, what is to be expected and what is to be done, and even specific alternatives.

You could ask if you could take out a business loan to pay your credit card if you struggled to keep pace with your credit card payment.

You should note that this specifically refers to the payment with your business credit card (personal credit cards and personal loans are a whole different story).

You can use a loan for the consolidation of debts to pay off your credit card. You are applying for a loan to cover the entire remaining debt.

FR Capital is an incredible alternative when you need a debt refinancing loan: Our credit is easy, and our terms are highly competitive. The application will not even affect your credit so that your finances remain sound and your future bright.

Our loans range from S$5,000 to S$400,000 and can assist or boost your business by investing smartly. Complete a request today to see if you are pre-qualifying.

Lack of credit card payments has repercussions that increase as more and more payments are missing.

Even if you miss one payment, the impact on your business score can be significant because the number of times you pay on time is one of the most critical determinants in your credit value. You can also pay late charges and pay higher rates.

They may freeze your credit card if you continuously miss payments. Your debt could, in this case, be sold to a collector's office, which may sue you and ask you to collect wages and tax returns, and other income sources.

In the final analysis, you will be aware of the answer when you ask yourself: "Should I pay off my credit card?": you have to pay on time for all your credit cards.


Contacting the company is almost always a good idea and informing them that it might be impossible to pay. Most of the time, they work with you, delay the payment, renegotiate with you, or allow a partial payment.

You don't need to, but you usually do not have to default on the loan and lose a lot of money with you. It is in your best interest to work with you.

There are many companies specialized in debt management, which can be an excellent option for businesses.

In contrast to the debt settlement system, where you can pay your loan for less money that takes 2-3 years and kills your credit score, debt management is where companies negotiate on your behalf with your loan provider to cut the loan and create a cost-effective 3-5 years’ debt payment planning plan.

Though these services cost money, an expert can help negotiate for you because you know what you want and make a good plan. You can also learn how to save and pay.

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