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We are Singapore’s #1 online lender assisting small businesses with quick business loans & approval within the hour. As a client-focused lender, We put the prosperity of your company first. Our fast company loans & friendly team of lending specialists have helped us maintain a good relationship with our customers.

If you find the right lender to support you in reaching the next pivotal stage in your business development, find Us and apply online today.

What can we do to assist you and your company?

Invest in us and get your business ahead with the latest technology and machinery.

Assuring that your business remains competitive & at the very edge of the latest innovations & technology is the best way to manage a healthy & thriving company. We can assist you in investing wisely in the latest advances in your field.

Expand your work & fleet vehicles.

Got added work than ever? Taking on apprentices & new specialists? Expand your fleet vehicles with our help.

Your short-term business loan of $5,000 to $300,000, with terms ranging from 3 to 36 months, could assist you in getting your small business to where you’ve always wanted it to be.

As a client-focused lender, we won’t treat you like the big banks. Our friendly team of Business Lending Experts is here to answer any inquiries you might have & assist you in making the greatest of your experience small business loan. We generate cash flow-friendly repayment terms, ensuring we are constantly working with your business to support you get the most from your finance choices.

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The Best Guide in Finding Personal Loan with the Best Interest Rates in Singapore

Have you been searching online for the most suitable personal loans with low-interest rates & still haven’t found the best one yet?

The best way is to understand how interest rates work in personal loans. We can help you to find the most suitable personal loans with low-interest rates in Singapore.

Many banks & lenders offer attractive personal loans with low-interest rates. And our analysis has made the information available to assist you in finding the best choice among personal loans. If a person is not qualified for a personal loan from the banks, we can aid you with important information on passing for a fast cash loan.

Apply through our online form and begin your journey with us today.

How do
Personal Loan Interest Rates Work?

While searching and comparing personal loans in Singapore, you may have come across various interest rates and probably questioned what they wanted to say. Let’s peek at these interest rates in-depth to assist you in understanding better & make a better choice.

Choosing the best personal loan in Singapore

Personal Loan

Interest Rates (p.a) Effective Rates(EIR) (p.a) Cimb
Cimb Personal Loan 3.5% 6.6%** $30,000 Lowest Promotion Rate for New Customers
HSBC Personal Loan 3.7% 7%  $30,000 Received cashback and no processing fee
POSB / DBS Personal Loan 3.88% 7.56% $20,000 Instant Cash Approval and Disbursement
Citibank Quick Cash 3.99% 7.55% $30,000 Short Term Loan(0% Annual Nominal Interest Rate for 1 Year Loan Tenure)
Standard Chartered Cash One Personal Loan 3.48% 6.95% $20,000 Cash back (50% on first month’s instalment)
UOB Personal Loan 3.68%** 7.83% $30,000 Instant Cash and Cash Back Offer
OCBC Extra Cash Personal Loan 5.43% 11.47% $20,000 High Loan Approval for income earner of at least $120,000
Maybank Credit Able Term Personal Loan 5.86% 12.0%** $30,000 Repayment plan is up to 60 months

The Easiest Way to Get Instant Personal Loan Offers

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If you are not eligible for a personal loan from the bank, what’s next?

Usually, banks are not strict with Singapore residents and PRs regarding the minimum requirements for taking a personal loan. But if you’re a foreigner, it may be pretty challenging for you, mainly if your income per month is less than $3,000. Other banks may even require that you have a higher monthly payment to get the loan.

If you’ve tried to apply for a loan from a bank & haven’t been successful, you can try taking a private personal loan from a licensed moneylender here in Singapore. Ministry of Law has a record of all the licensed moneylenders. So only borrow from these to prevent difficulties in the future. They have undergone strict scrutiny to guarantee they are legit, and they follow all the needed guidelines.

Singapore moneylenders are required by the law to explain the terms and conditions of the loan in a language you understand. Hence, be keen, listen and read carefully to assure you’re comfortable with the terms and conditions meant. If there is a thing you don’t understand, ask the lender to describe it to you.
Don’t take the loan if something is unclear, no matter how urgent you need it. If you’re not content with one lender’s terms, there are other options available. Shop around & compare their terms until you find a licensed moneylender who completely meets your requirement.

Interest rates charged by moneylenders can be as high as 4% per month. Therefore, borrow the least amount depending on your needs and aim for the shortest repayment period that you can handle.

Guide on Choosing the Best Personal Loan in Singapore

We’re making it wiser to find the best offers!

Making smarter decisions with the best loan offers, financial solutions, products, & services in Singapore

Notes to borrowers in Singapore

When it comes to borrowing, it is vital to confirm the actual interest rates offered by the lenders. Thus, you need to read through the terms and conditions in the loan agreement to check any hidden fees or clauses. Pick licensed lenders that offer transparent interest rates and repayment schedules spelt out in writing. If the contract contains anything unclear, clarify these details with your lender before signing the loan application form. Most importantly, be sure that you completely understand the facts presented in the agreement before signing anything with licensed lenders. You should write the draft submitted to you by the lender in a language that you can read. In any disputes, you may also want to consult a lawyer who can advise you on your legal obligations. 

Blindly signing any contract will only put you in a tight spot eventually. Therefore, if there are items specified in the agreement that you are unsure of, we recommend that you take the time to understand the clauses. While We aim to give convenience to the loan process, it is ultimately your own choice to take out a loan from a particular lender or find another one that meets your concerns.

Things you should know on borrowing:

  • Maximum Time for Repayment: Up to 12 Months
  • Minimum Annual Percentage Rate: From 1.7% per annum
  • Maximum Annual Percentage Rate: Up to 48% per annum on reducing the interest rate

Sample representation of loan:

Total Amount Borrowed: SGD 1000

Time Period * 12 Months

Interest Rate ** 1% Per Month

Total Cost Payable Per Annual *** SGD 120

* Time period is from the minimum period of 2 months to a maximum period of 12 months.

** Interest Rate may differ up to a maximum of 4% per month, depending on loan amount and period of repayment.

*** Total Cost Payable excludes administrative fee and loan principle. The cost stated is an estimation and may vary due to loan amount, period of the loan, and they may charge other fees such as late fee and late interest rate in violation of terms & conditions.

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Why FR Capital? It’s today’s way to borrow.

We’ve served more than 29,400 small businesses with funds to seize opportunities or to support cash flow. We proceed to fund eligible small businesses with a range of options.

FAQs About Fast Business Loans Online

The story of each business owner is unique, yet many will ask the same question – how can I grow my company? Critical components of growth are a solid understanding of the cash flow of your business and its effectiveness in its management.

The cash flow cycle of your business determines how your company’s goods or services generate dollars for continued business operations, company growth, debt repayment, and profit generation. When your business has ample cash on hand, you’re better positioned to pay employees, suppliers, and vendors on time and invest the money back into your business. However, when growth opportunities such as employing more staff or purchasing new equipment would put a strain on your cash flow, then it may be time to consider other strategies.

You can take on larger projects and manage business growth by using a loan or a credit line while maintaining a positive cash flow.

The first question your banker should ask is how you plan to use the money for your business, followed by your aspirations for growing your business and managing cash flow.

The bankers also consider the five Cs: character, capital, capacity, collateral, and conditions.


Even if companies have no credit values, your company’s credit history and reputation help determine its credibility. Banks evaluate the debt repayment history of your company, your business references, your product quality or service quality, and your reputation.

As a company owner, your handling of the loan is also a good measure of your willingness to pay back your business loan.


Your company’s capital is measured as a proportion of the total cost of your investment, and lenders want to see that you have “game skin.” Your bank will consider your personal investment and your assets and retained earnings in your business. The more personal capital you invest, the more commitment you make to the success of your company. It serves as an incentive not to default on the loan if your own money is involved.


Most financial institutions want to ensure that your company’s cash flow enables the loan to be reimbursed under its terms. The number and amount of any outstanding debts in comparison with your expected monthly income are further factors. Remember a simple computation as a good rule: ideally, for every S$1 debt, your enterprise would have a cash flow of at least S$1.25.


Collateral means the asset used for securing your business loan or credit lines, such as property, equipment, debt, vehicles, inventory, or other corporate assets. Your bank may also accept the primary residence as collateral for a second or third lien. Most banks only lend up to a certain percentage of the asset’s value and help facilitate the liquidation of the investment.

Besides collateral, certain banks want to see their borrowers offer a personal guarantee. This practice ensures a safer position for the financial institution and encourages the bank and the owner to work together to ensure the business’s success constantly.


This ultimate economic variable. Factors outside your control, such as the downturn in your economy, or the bank that already has many loans in the same industry, may lead to the bank being disbursed by higher risk.

Although every financial institution has its creditworthiness analysis parameters, the five Cs are standard methods of evaluation. Overall, a solid relationship between the bank and the business owner must meet both parties’ needs. This ensures that your company is funded to grow, and the bank takes steps to protect itself.

Concerning a corporate loan, applicants want to start and expand their business or need funds to get out of the money. However, the application process is not consistent overall and allows small business owners to face inefficiencies inevitably.

A new study of inefficiency reports by Lending Express is widespread. Several petitioners (7.5%) say they have been waiting for more than 6 months to hear of a loan request. Another 16.3% had to wait more than a month.

The waiting procedure varies between institutions, but it can be harmful for that period of time. If you have to wait six months or longer for a minor company owner, chances are right.

A single loan can make a big difference for a small business worldwide, as Lending Express has indicated. 61% of the owners declared themselves profitable with a single loan.

“The funding for small business owners is extremely important in the emailed report. The company said. It allows them to start, stimulate and even float their companies. Fortunately, although this survey sometimes proves to be an experience of difficulty, most small enterprises can benefit from only one loan.”

The survey was conceived to determine the landscape of current lending. In April 2019 the Lending Express conducted a Google survey of over 1,000 small business owners in a representative sample.

 Business Lending Landscape

 The current lending landscape is viewed by small business owners in a wide range. But the only common topic is that they want to process their loans as soon as possible. 17% of Gen-Zers, for a two-day loan process, are prepared to clean toilets. 14% are ready to cross a root canal to achieve this rapid loan process.

It may seem funny, but the need for funding rapidly emphasizes the anxiety facing small business owners.

The fear of every loan refusal is further exasperated. Because one owner out of eight, or 12.6%, says it has been rejected twice. An additional 9% said that it was 3 times. This has broken the trust of a small enterprise segment.

More than a third and 36.5% say they do not get the funding they deserve from all deserving small business owners. For Gen-Zers, 43.6% claim that they do not trust the integrity of the lending process.

About sex, thousand-year-old women are disenchanted with the lending process. Nearly 9 out of 10 or 89.5% of millennial women feel that they have sex bias in their lending. However, only 58.7% of their men perceive gender prejudice.

The perception of sexual orientation is high throughout every age. While 83.4% of all women say that there is a certain degree of partiality, it is down to 70.6% for men.

Key Takeaway

 This survey provides an insight into the company’s landscape. It shows that business owners understand the lending process is predetermined. Under no circumstances can this prevent them from applying for a loan entirely.

Talk to the lender, whether you apply for your first loan or are looking to expand some capital. The information you have may not apply to this particular lender even if you are well informed. The more informed you are, the more prepared you are to meet the lender’s requirements.

The submission of a loan to COVID-19 for FR Capital is no small feat. How do you know if the loan is approved and when you will receive this critical funding after you get your Emergency Injury Disaster Loan application (EIDL)?

Includes several efficient sources for monitoring your loan status for FR Capital:

Online Through the FR Capital website.

When you submit your application online, you can check your loan status on the FR Capital website. This is the fastest and easiest way to monitor the status of your EIDL. (Please note that if you have applied via the accelerated COVID-19 portal, you will not be able to monitor your situation. Log in via email address or username and password of your application to the FR Capital Loan Portal. You can track the development of your loan once you have logged in.

Also, the FR Capital website allows you to check your loan status. This requires your loan’s username and password as well. You can see information related to your application through these portals, including the application number, current status, and the last status update.

By Phone

The status of your EIDL application can also be found by telephone. You can use this method if you submit your request online or by mail.

Call FR Capital Customer Service Assistance at +65-8336-3133 on the application process, your loan status, or any questions that may arise. The FR Capital will contact you if you have applied through the COVID-19 website, but you may have an answer by calling the toll-free number. By calling that toll-free number, you can find out the status of your loan by mailing in your application because you will not be able to log in to a username or password on the online portal.

This method will enable you, on the surface, even if they go beyond finding out your loan status, to speak with an FR representative to answer your questions. On the other hand, however, you may still wait because other business owners also inquire about the EIDL program and loan statuses.

By Email

You can also contact FR Capital via email to learn more about your loan status or ask about the EIDL program. The Customer Services team at FR Capital should with all emails. If you have further questions about the program or have sent your request by email, use this method. If not, they will monitor the status of your loan better with the online portal.

What You’ll Need to Check Your EIDL Status

What your EIDL status needs to be checked varies according to how you contact FR Capital. Online portals are the easiest way to go. You will need the username you have selected when you complete your application if you use this method. You can also use the email address you used when you sign up. To access the website, you must also enter your password. If you call in, you will not have a user name and password, so you must provide additional information.

Have your application number ready when you apply online? You may also need to verify further information such as your corporate name, federal tax identification, and legal name. Enter your legal name and application number when sending the FR Capital email (if you applied online). Additional information, such as your corporate name, federal tax identifier, or other identifying information may also be required.

The FR Capital will then contact you regarding the following steps if you have applied through the COVID-19 portal.

The Engineered Tax Services undertakes to inform you of all the issues affecting your company concerning COVID-19. We monitor the federal and state legislation and guidance closely as a national specialty tax services firm.

For about two weeks, the borrower should allow the next step of the process: the lender’s formal subscription procedure. The standard contract procedures involve the compilation and analysis of data from the borrower for the following five categories: Formal analysis.

Cash Flow Analysis – business and personal cash flow analysis

Management experience – assessment of the expertise, expertise, and training of owners to ensure success with the company

Equity – The personal cash investment of the borrower is reasonably equivalent to the debt of the borrower and other small business creditors

Credit – the borrowing company and its owners pay other creditors with reasonable responsibility.

Collateral – the borrower’s level of collateral for FR Capital guidelines and the lender’s appetite for risk are sufficient.

The lender will provide you with a firm acceptance letter once the formal signature has been completed. The loan closing process starts after acceptance.

You will have to review the application and documentation and approve your application before receiving your credit money after applying to obtain the FR Capital loan/s.

Upon completion of your application, a loan officer will put it in a virtual queue to process. Depending on the demand, it can take a few days. You can take your approval for a day or two if you have all your documents in place, depending on your lending agent.

Once your loan is approved, it is estimated that your funds should be available in about 5-7 working days. According to law, your loaner will receive a notice from the FR Capital of your loan approval for up to 10 calendar days.

Please note that this program is highly in demand, so you should expect delays from time to time. To avoid the exhaustion of customer service resources of your provider and cause further delays, please be patient and confine your inquiries to vital issues.

We send you an email with updates, next steps, and resources to help you throughout the process when you request FR Capital loans using Comply as your approved FR Capital loan agency. Note, the application for a loan is free of charge for FR Capital. No one should charge you any money for your assistance in the application process.

We recommend that you have all of the necessary documentation to make the approval process as soon as possible for the lender to be made easier. You can process faster your application and your paperwork, the more efficient it is.

If you cannot repay a company loan, follow this advice to stay in your lender’s good graces and return.

There are innumerable reasons why an owner of a small business could take out a loan. It is not unusual to have a little extra capital required to make ends meet, from storing your store to purchasing expensive equipment necessary to run your business.

Of course, you have every intention of repaying this loan when you take it out. But life has other plans sometimes. Broken equipment, a high-value bill, an outstanding invoice, or a general market downturn are just some of the unexpected challenges that can lead to business owners missing a payment on their loan.

Fortunately, you can make late payments quickly and get your business back on track more often than not.

Lenders don’t like surprises, so it is essential to get to the lender when you know you can’t make your next loan payment. Some lenders may be prepared to work with you, whether you are allowed to pay part, extend your deadline or even suspend payments until your company is back on track.

Preparing your borrower before payment is missing will give you more time and a flexible opportunity to find a solution you (or your creditor) will not forget.

In general, the delinquency of loans is defined as a single payment that is not late or missed, while a defaulted loan is defined as missing over some time. However, it depends entirely on your particular lender and the lender’s policy whether your small business loan is considered delinquent or defaulting. Your lender will be able to reach you immediately following your initial missed loan payment or wait for several amounts to be cut in a row.

Your lender will not be surprised to hear why you lost your lending payment and offer you various possibilities – depending on the lender – to get back on track. Some lenders offer different solutions if a loan payment is missed, but you may ignore a short, non-penalty period for payment. The lender can also renegotiate your contract terms and conditions.

Regardless of the solution, your business lender can bet to help you get your loan payments back in time.

If you’re in a disaster when you can’t repay your loan, it will depend on whether you have a business loan that is unsecured or secure. A secured loan is supported as collateral by physical or financial assets such as a house or car, equipment, jeweler, or savings accounts. No collateral is kept in an unsecured loan.

If your loan is secured, your lender may seize any assets you have offered as security to recover the loss, depending on the exact terms of your agreement.

For example, instead of making money payments, your lender would be able to seize the equipment if your company equipment were to be placed as the collateral for your loan and then defaulted on that loan.

With an unsecured loan, your lender will still undergo a collection process to recover losses while not specifically assigning its assets to guarantee your loan. Your lender may use your company for the credit and may seek compensation for the balance of the outstanding loan and interest, penalties, costs, and charges.

Borrowers of unseeded business loans should also take note of the possibility that your creditors will be allowed to use personal assets to cover the difference between your defaulted loan if your loan requires a personal guarantee.

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