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Invoice Financing

Invoice Financing is not a business loan. It’s a sale of your outstanding invoice to receive an advanced payment. It will not add on debt to your balance sheet.

No. Receivable Account Financing requires no personal or collateral safeguards.

We allow invoices from businesses registered in Singapore which have been in business for at least six (6) months.

We can accept invoices for services or goods already delivered & received. The buyer cannot be a related party.

Yes, if separate and unrelated invoices support each application.

Yes. Your client will be notified in writing to verify the invoice details, confirm that they are satisfied with your product or service, and ensure that they will pay iBusiness when the invoice is due.

No. iBusiness is not a distressed lender. We carry proper due diligence and will only purchase legitimate invoices from deserving businesses.

We will need
– Original invoice
– Original contract/purchase order
– 3-month operating bank statements
– Latest month business utility/telecom bill
– Copy of passport of crucial company personnel/NRIC (CEO and significant shareholders)

All confidential information submitted is stored on protected servers. Protections involve data encryption & anti-DDoS. Your data is secure with us

Yes, we will assess each application based on your company’s strength and your customer.

Yes, you can choose less than the invoice total, depending on your business needs. iBusiness will refund you the remaining amount once we receive payment from your customer.

Yes, iBusiness will collect outstanding invoice payments from your client. You do not need to get involved in the process.

iBusiness will handle any late and defaulted payments. We have a trained team that is experienced in payment collection. We have conventional collection processes if a Customer does not pay. However, Suppose your customer raises a genuine dispute, and your company has failed to deliver the product or service as agreed in the contract. In that case, iBusiness will demand the remaining sum from your company.

iBusiness uses funds from our capital base. We are not a peer-to-peer (P2P) lending platform. We are careful in selecting our customers and look to grow our relationships with them.

The funds are payable directly to the bank account of the enterprise.

Unsecured Micro Loan

Any Singapore-incorporated business that has been in operating for at least six months.

Yes, you are still eligible. Our team will assess your ability to repay, considering all of your company’s financial obligations.

Our loan tenor is manageable and can be adapted to the current financial responsibility of your company. (12 Months of Capped).

It is 1-2 business days after receipt of the application to approve the loan. We will reach you to collect your physical signature for the GIRO form and request you to e-sign our agreement. They will pay the loan amount to you the next working day.

We are sorry to hear that your request has been refused. Every loan application is subjected to our internal credit assessment, and we are unable to give you the reason for rejecting your application.

Our repayment methods are bank transfer & GIRO, for weekly or monthly repayment.

Write to us, and we will help you. We encourage frank discussion with the borrower to understand his/her situation to tailor a plan for the repayment of their loan.

We will need
– Monthly bank declarations for 6-months
– NOA and CBS of 2 PGs (2 years)
– Copy of Directors/Owners NRIC (Passport for PRs / foreigners)
– Mand A: Accept Original, CTC & Scanned copy.

At iBusiness, we take account of current and future credit capacities for the loan evaluation, so if your business is promising, you still have an opportunity.

iBusiness is a product of IFS Capital Limited, a regional financial institution listed on the Singapore Exchange since 1987.

You can contact us by phone, SMS, or WhatsApp at +65 8336 3133 to check the amount.

You are welcome to pay more than the stated amount. They will deduct the amount in excess from your principal on your next monthly repayment.